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Intermittent Fasting

Why WHEN we eat matters. We know that insulin is secreted every time we eat, and that a higher carb meal results in more insulin being produced Lower insulin levels are great for weight loss, but also have a powerful effect on many chronic diseases, especially type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure! NOTE:  If …

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Why does WHAT we eat matter?

Can’t we just control our calories? Calories are a man-made measure of the energy contained in our food.  Our bodies have no idea what a calorie is, they manage energy through an intricate combination of hormones and energy production pathways. The biggest player in hormones for energy storage is insulin.  Insulin enables our bodies to …

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Though it seems to go against much of the “limit salt” advice we hear these days, sufficient salt and other electrolytes are essential for our bodies to function well. When we are eating a higher carbohydrate diet our bodies hang on to water. To store 1g of carbohydrate as glycogen, 3g of water are needed …

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