Yo-yo No More

So, I’m not at my goal weight, yet. Honestly not sure what my goal weight should be, but probably somewhere around what I weighed starting high school well over 30 years ago. Why am I still so enthusiastic about living a low insulin lifestyle, including a low carb (keto) way of eating and intermittent fasting? I weigh 10lbs less now that I did when I got married 22+ years and 3 kids ago, less than I did when I started university after high school! But the numbers aren’t really the point here.

What is the point?

I’ve also been able to maintain that loss for over a year and a half, without counting anything. No more yo-yo for me! I’m still losing weight, and my goal weight is in sight, but the important thing for me is that I know (beyond a shadow of a doubt):

  • why calorie counting doesn’t result in sustainable weight loss
  • why it matters what I eat (not how much)
  • It also matters when I eat

Honesty is the name of the game around here, and I did try a low-carb or keto diet a few times before I decided that it needed to be a lifestyle, not a temporary fix. The game changer for me was adding intermittent fasting. It sounds counter intuitive, but eating less often decreases hunger (once you’ve adapted), makes nourishing food more appealing than junk food, clears away brain fog, and results in high, steady energy levels. There’s science behind these results that I’ll share in other posts.

Beyond the scale, I’m so thankful for the difference these changes have made in my life. I eat delicious, naturally satiating whole foods until I am full and the cravings for sweets are gone. I have consistently good energy levels from the time I wake up until it’s time for bed. That good energy also allows me to be more present for my family and friends. I’m exercising regularly because it feels good for my body and mind, not because I feel like “I really should”. I’ll be 50 in a couple years, and I feel so much healthier and happier than I did at 20.

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